Hannah Cartee Interiano

Currently living in South Carolina. I graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelors in Fine Art in 2016. As an undergrad, my concentration was Sculpture. Today, I work with different mediums within the art world, not just as a sculptor, but an artist as a whole. 

My current work investigates the complex and imprecise location between what is intangible and tangible. I use words and their inherently varied cultural associations and interpretations to affect the content of how my work is read. My creative process leads me to sample and collect words from the broad general public and then combine them to create new poetic and metaphorical phrases. I capitalize on our preconditioned responses to physical material, which represents the tangible, as a way of contributing to the meaning, being intangible and mutable, of those phrases.  

My current work serves as a marker for how we navigate what is intangible and tangible and what is real and imagined, with the intention that it can further expand understanding and perception in mind of the viewer. 


hcartee92@gmail.com     (864).556.4175